ANN: geopy 0.93 - Geocoding Toolbox for Python

Brian Beck exogen at
Mon Oct 9 02:12:37 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

geopy 0.93 was released tonight.

What is geopy?
geopy is a geocoding toolbox for Python. It includes support for many
popular geocoders including Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Virtual Earth,, GeoNames, MediaWiki (with the GIS extension), and Semantic
MediaWiki. It also includes a module for calculating geodesic distances
using different models (spherical and ellipsoidal).

Where can I get it?
setuptools: sudo easy_install geopy
Cheese Shop:
svn: svn co geopy-0.93

What's new in this version?
geopy.geocoders now includes GeoNames (

geopy.distance module was added: calculate geodesic distances.

geopy.util module was added: geocoders.Geocoder.parse_geo was moved there.

geopy.geocoders.Google can now be used with different domains (such
as '') and different resources ('maps' for the standard
Google Maps interface, 'maps/geo' for the HTTP geocoder interface).

How about an example?

py> from geopy import geocoders
py> us = geocoders.GeocoderDotUS()  
py> place, (lat, lng) = us.geocode("1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC")  
py> print "%s: %.5f, %.5f" % (place, lat, lng)  
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20502: 38.89875, -77.03768  

py> from geopy import distance
py> _, a = us.geocode('10900 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106')
py> _, b = us.geocode('1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC')
py> distance.distance(a, b).miles

py> from geopy import util
py> util.parse_geo(u"23° 26m 22s N 23° 27m 30s E")
(23.439444444444444, 23.458333333333332)

Brian Beck
Adventurer of the First Order

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