csounds routines beta 7 is out

edexter Eric_Dexter at msn.com
Sun Oct 22 03:13:11 CEST 2006

csounds routines beta 7 is out.  I would like to mention this might be
a good project for people just starting out because all you are doing
is messing with text files to set things up to do amazing things and
without the dreaded re module (so far).

Dex Tracker will not be updated until I save the .sco editor saving

working routines

get_instr(from_file, to_file, instr_num)

from_file is the .csd file that you are reading to to file is where you
wish the shortened orc file saved.  Currently the plan is to save then
as svc files.  instr_num is the instrument number that is to be ripped.
 The purpose is part of an overall system but it can be used to rip orc
files from other csd files.  There will be parts of instruments that
are not captured in some or maybe alot of .csd files.  If there is
donated code to adress that it will be given a different name most


from_file is the file that is to be read from.  This will return two
lists instr_number that is a list of numbers currently in the csd file
and comments wich is any comment that is included on the instr line
following the instr number

full_orc_file(from_file, to_file)

from_file is the shortened orc file to be read from.  To file is the
full orc file to be written to.  The routine reads a shortened orc
format and writes a header part to create a
full orc file.

get_score(from_file, to_file, instr_num)

from_file the file to get the score from.  to_file is the file it is to
be saved to.  instr_num the instrument number that is to be ripped from
the csd file.  Del_Instr(from_file, instr) for instr will pick up i1
and i10 in test splitline is probily helpfull

csoundgrid(filename, header_string)

Loads a file (We want it for .orc files but the editor doesn't care
what it is) and places the lines into a grid.  The header string is a
string that is defined by the user that for the purposes of editing
.sco files should be placed at the end of the list of words to be used
as a header for the collums.


This brings up a .sco file picker and passes the file picked to


This gives a list of all the pins that are defined with zar and zawm.
It will return instr number, intrument input and instrument output


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