ANN: Porcupine Web Application Server 0.0.8 released

t.koutsovassilis at t.koutsovassilis at
Mon Oct 30 20:21:50 CET 2006

The brand new version of Porcupine introduces quite a few new cool
features and many improvements that ease and accelerate the development
process. Our main goal was to remove any constraints that expect the
files of a Porcupine application to reside inside more than one folder
tree. As a result, it is now attainable to develop your application
working inside a single folder tree only.
The application object was greatly simplified. The application's UI XML
definition along with its script are now external files instead of
having them embedded inside the object. This way, you can easily edit
these files using your favourite editor.
Additionally, the Porcupine desktop includes a new utility called
HyperSearch. Use this utility to search the entire Porcupine database
for objects that meet specific criteria such as text parts contained in
their title or description and their modification date.
The QuiX engine includes a completely rewritten event subsystem, in
order to achieve a unified way of attaching and detaching DOM and
custom event handlers. Furthermore, QuiX is now compatible with
Internet Explorer 7 including many performance enhancements. Two new
widgets are also added to the list of available widgets. An IFrame
widget that enables the display of external sites inside the Porcupine
desktop, and a group box.


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