Myghty 1.1 Released

Michael Bayer mike at
Sun Sep 10 22:35:33 CEST 2006

Myghty 1.1 Released

Myghty is a Python Server Page templating framework designed for  
high availability websites and applications. Its conceptual design and
template syntax is derived from HTML::Mason, the popular Perl-based web
application platform used by,, Bricolage and  

Myghty serves as an excellent platform for developers to create  
custom web
applications; it is the framework from which the Pylons
( WSGI framework first evolved, and remains the
primary template and caching engine used by Pylons. The MyghtyUtils  
system, which powers Myghty's caching and session support, is used by  
Turbogears, and others. Myghty is also used by itself as the web  
powering Bittorrent's website at, a top- 
ranked and
extremely high traffic website.

Since its original release, Myghty has introduced many new concepts and
features not found in Mason, including a rudimentary MVC framework, WSGI
support, threading support and an open-ended rule-based URL  
resolution system.
It receives favorable reviews for its ease of use, small footprint,  
quick and
smooth operation, and great flexibility. It offers full Python scripting
support within templates including a unique system of intermingling
significant-whitespace-sensitive Python code with ordinary markup.  
Myghty also
includes syntaxes that allow fine-grained control of whitespace,  
which makes
it one of the best templating systems not just for HTML and markup  
but also
for email generation and other whitespace-sensitive text formats.

Myghty is easy to use within many popular web frameworks, including  
in any CherryPy or Turbogears application via the Buffet template  
plugin, originally written for Myghty.

Version 1.1 introduces a refactoring of Myghty's buffering and encoding
internals to provide comprehensive support for Unicode and any character
encoding combination - that is, full control over both the encoding of
template files as well as the encoding of request output, including  
and programmatic configuration of encoding error handling.

Myghty is released under the MIT License.

Documentation, examples and download links can be found at:

Michael Bayer

mike at

<P><A HREF="">Myghty 1.1</A> - A high performance
Python Server Page templating framework derived from HTML::Mason.

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