ANN: pyXSD 0.1 released

Karl Norby knorby at
Tue Sep 12 07:55:15 CEST 2006

pyXSD v.0.1 has been released!

pyXSD is a tool to map XML and XSD (XML Schema) into Python. It can validate
an XML file against an XSD file. It also contains a feature to allow users
to easily transform an XML file, using small python classes that are easy to
use and are easy and fast for users to write. The program uses a simple,
non-DOM interface in the "transforms" with the XML data tree. It can be used
as a library or command-line program. The program includes a decent amount
of documentation on how to use the program and on how to use and write
transforms. A more thorough description of its functionality and features
can be found on the projects website:

The program was designed for material science modeling applications, so some
of the included "transform" classes are for this specific use. The program
includes more general "transforms" and  "transform" libraries to assist
users write these classes.

The program uses ElementTree and cElementTree (the ElementTree and
cElementTree included in python 2.5 should work), and requires Python 2.3 or

The pyXSD project's website:

Release 0.1 download:

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