ANN: CherryPy 3.0.0 beta

Christian Wyglendowski christian at
Wed Sep 13 14:20:24 CEST 2006

On behalf of the CherryPy team, I'm happy to announce the release of
CherryPy 3.0.0 beta.  It is the product of many shared ideas, submitted
tickets and contributed code (most contributed by Robert Brewer, who is
heading up the development of CherryPy 3).

To download the release, visit .

This release features numerous improvements to performance, functionality
and interoperability.  Some highlights:

   * Faster than 2.2.x (as much as 3 times in benchmarks!).
   * More powerful and flexible configuration.
   * Tools replace filters and allow for greater flexibility.
   * Autoreload no longer spawns two instances of your web application.
   * Logging uses the stdlib logging module.
   * Numerous WSGI interoperability improvements.
   * The built in WSGI server is fully HTTP/1.1 compliant!!
   * Built-in support for mod_python.
   * Built-in support for object and HTTP method dispatchers.
   * Customizable dispatcher (allows plugging in external dispatchers like

For a detailed description of what's new, see .

To upgrade from CherryPy 2.2.x to 3.0.0 beta, see .

Please test out this beta release and open a ticket on any bugs you find.

Thanks for using CherryPy and helping to make it a pythonic and fun way to
write web applications!

Christian Wyglendowski
CherryPy Team
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