ANN: 4Suite XML 1.0rc4

Uche Ogbuji uche at
Fri Sep 15 19:13:16 CEST 2006

Today we release 4Suite XML 1.0 release candidate 4, now available
from Sourceforge and

Thanks to all the testers, there are a number of important improvements
over 1.0rc3.  Please continue to help us test 4Suite to ensure a
high-quality 1.0 final release.

4Suite is split into three separate packages:

4Suite XML - XML, XPath, XSLT, related technologies and support libraries
4Suite RDF - RDF processing libraries and stand-alone DBMS
4Suite Repository - XML and RDF repository

This is a release of only the first component.

Highlights of changes in 4Suite XML since 1.0rc3

* Installer improvements
* Ft/Xml/Xslt/Exslt/ Implemented default values for
  right-truncated date/times in format-date() Missing values from
  left-truncated date/times are now replaced by ''
* Bug fixes, documentation improvements

4Suite XML is a comprehensive library for XML processing.  It is
implemented in Python and C and supports XML (SAX-like and DOM-like),
XPath, XSLT, RELAX NG, XUpdate, XInclude, XPointer, and more.

The manual is included in the documents, or you can browse it online at

For general information, see:

For the files, see:

Mirrored on

You can also get the files on Python CheeseShop:

We usually upload to Sourceforge, and will do so as soon as we can, but
server errors have made it impossible for us to complete the file release
so far.


In the locations specified above, with filenames of the form


Release notes
The current installation directory layout document tells where package files
are installed:

Uche Ogbuji                               Fourthought, Inc.                   

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