Be Paid to Attend PyCon 2007!

Jeff Rush jeff at
Thu Sep 28 07:28:05 CEST 2006

PyCon 2007, to be held in Dallas at the same location as in 2006, is coming up 
and we need instructors to fill Tutorial Day on Feb 22.  Last year we had 
tutorials for:

   Python 102
   Internet Programming with Python
   Getting Started with wxPython
   Text & Data Processing
   Plone Rapid Bootcamp
   Using Databases with Python
   A Game-Free Introduction to PyGame
   Getting Started with the Twisted Framework
   Agile Development and Testing in Python

Classes are half-day affairs (3-hours with a 15-min break) and net the 
instructor $500-$1500 (depending upon enrollment).  One or two of those would 
easily cover your expenses for attending PyCon and then some.  And since 
tutorials are held the day BEFORE the main conference, you won't miss any 
talks either.

Tutorials have more stringent requirements than talks, often providing class 
handouts and finely tuned presentations.  For this reason we want the best.

And if you're short on topic ideas, or a potential student who would like a 
specific topic covered, check out our wiki page at

Instructors, email your (plain text) proposals, 250 to 1000 words long, to 
<pycon at>.  The deadline for submissions is _Nov 15_ with an 
acceptance decision by Nov 22.  Your proposal should cover:

   * Instructor name(s)
   * Contact Information
   * Summary of proposed presentation
   * Presentation outline
   * Intended audience (non-programmers, beginning programmers,
     advanced users, core Python developers, etc.)
   * (Recommended) At least one previous presentation/teaching
     engagement reference

So get cranking and let us see your best.

Jeff Rush
PyCon 2007 Co-Chair

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