python-cjson 1.0.3x3 released - important bugfix

Ferenczi Viktor python at
Sun Apr 1 18:25:21 CEST 2007

This is an enhanced version of python-cjson, the fast JSON encoder/decoder 
supporting extension functions to encode/decode arbitrary objects.

Bugfix release: python-cjson-1.0.3x3

Bug #20070401a has been fixed:

When a decoder extension function was called after the failure of an 
internal decoder (for example after failing to interpret new Date(...) as 
null) the internal exception was propagated (not cleared) and could be 
incorrectly raised in the decoder extension function pointing to en 
otherwise correct statement in that function. This could cause severe 
confusion to the programmer and prevented execution of such extension 
functions. JSON encoding is not affected by this bug.

You can reproduce this bug with python-cjson-1.0.3x2:

Download, examples and more information:

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