ANN: Django Tutorial Part 1 - Setup (New ShowMeDo video in our first Django series)

Ian Ozsvald ian at
Sun Apr 15 20:32:30 CEST 2007

Seans shows you how to setup your own Django installation on a bare
Ubuntu installation in just 10 minutes.  This is the first episode
in a longer Django series - please leave an encouraging Thank-You
comment if you like Sean's work:

"Django is a Python web framework used for rapid application 
development in any environment. In under 10 minutes, we will go 
from a bare Linux (Ubuntu) installation to a fully functional 
Django server.

This tutorial follows the installation guide found on the official 
Django website, but a few details have been added for clarification."

About Sean Stoops:
This is Sean's first video tutorial, he is keen to build a longer
series.  Would you show your support for Sean by leaving a comment
and voting for him please?

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