qxjsonrpc 0.0.9 - new online demo and more

Viktor Ferenczi python at cx.hu
Fri Apr 20 02:22:58 CEST 2007

Released qxjsonrpc 0.0.9, a library to easily implement JSON-RPC
servers for WEB applications using the qooxdoo JavaScript library.

Supports HTTP, WSGI, access control and session handling.
Provides easy session handling and extensible access control.
Any method can be publised by adding a single decorator.

Online demo, download and more information:

The source code is documented and there are a growing set of
tests and examples to learn from. The "design" of the WEB page
will change soon.

The qooxdoo library: http://qooxdoo.org

You could report bugs or write your opinion by mailing my.

Viktor Ferenczi

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