Job Fair F/OSS project

emperorcezar at emperorcezar at
Fri Aug 3 04:09:09 CEST 2007

Hello Pythonistas!

I'm looking for some volunteers for a new open source project. At the
Institute of Design ( ), our next project is a
system for the management of our job fair (
recruitID/ )

The systems goal is to allow students and employers to enter their
availability for interviews and have the system designate times and
rooms for each to meet for interviews. The system includes much more
than just this of course, but that is the main goal. We decided that
this application is generic enough that it should be made into an F/
OSS project.

So far the system will be built on Django and uses (hopefully)

The project is on the ground floor and some basic wire frames and a
few other preliminary designs.

I'm personally located in Chicago and West Virginia (about half of my
time spent in each place), though you are welcome to help out from
anywhere around the world!

If you're interested, reply to this message, or contact me at cezar AT

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