Compyler 0.1

Grant Olson olsongt at
Sat Aug 11 21:54:35 CEST 2007

Compyler is a pre-alpha x86 native code compiler.  So far it can generate
primitive .pyds but not standalone executables.  It can run some simple test
cases including pystones (although there is a memory leak there).  And no, I
don't expect it'll ever be much faster than Cpython <wink>. I was primarily
interested in being able to distribute low-footprint standalone executables
written in python and code obfustication.

The basic approach taken by compyler is to transliterate python bytecode
into x86 assembly, instead of trying to generate assembly from the syntax

This is basically abandonware.  I haven't touched this in six months, but
did do a lot of up front work.  I basically wanted to release it before my
hardrive blows up in case anyone was looking for prior art.

The code also contains a version of pyasm that has some more patches and
features than the official distribution if you're one of pyasm's 3 users.

More info can be found at:


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