ANNOUNCE: Gaphor 0.11.2 and Gaphas 0.3.2

Arjan Molenaar a.molenaar at
Tue Aug 14 08:35:46 CEST 2007


I just released a new version of Gaphor, the pure Python UML modelling tool.

This is bug fix release:

- improved items's connection adapters
- fixed comment line, comment, message and lifeline items connection
   adapters to implement UML specification more closely
- items glueing speedup
- property page is updated when association or other diagram line connects
   to appropriate diagram items
- removing and reordering of class' attributes and operations is possible
- association name and multiplicity editing improvements

Gaphas (Gaphor's canvas) has also been updated. A few bugs have been  
fixed wrt the View, which caused Gaphor's export functions to fail.

You can find them on the Cheeseshop:

Kind regards,

Arjan Molenaar

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