ANN: UliPad 3.7 released!

limodou limodou at
Sun Aug 19 06:03:33 CEST 2007

UliPad is a flexible editor, based on wxPython. It's has many features,just
like:class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard,
etc. The main feature is the usage of mixin. This makes UliPad can be
extended easily. So you can write your own mixin or plugin, or simple script,
these can be easy and seamless integrated with UliPad.

What's new in 3.7

New Features and Changes:

#. Add PEP8 sytle checking
#. Enhance calltip showing
#. Add a new option in Preference, which is used for when you toggle comment
lines(Ctrl+/ or Ctrl+\) if it'll popup a comment dialog. You can find it in
Preference->Document->Show comment character dialog when adding comment.
#. Saving auto todo window status
#. Changing shortcut of quote dialog from Ctrl+Q to Ctrl+'
#. Changing the number of recent files to 20
#. Changing shortcut Ctrl+Alt+L to Alt+Z, Ctrl+Alt+B to Alt+X
#. Saving the status of Message window word wrap
#. Saving the snippets window position
#. The results of find in files can only show the filenames and you can copy
them to clipboard
#. Add Spanish language translation and Traditional Chinese language translation
#. Using ZestyParser Module to parse the source code syntax
#. Improving input assistant functionality
#. Adding config.txt documentation
#. When saving files, automatically adding accordingly filename suffix
#. Adding mixin reload mechanism, it will be very useful when developing
#. Adding folder sort functionality when adding new folder to directory browser
#. Adding template in input assistant, and you can press TAB key to jump to the
next field. The template just like: ${1:something}.
#. Adding LUA syntax support
#. Adding mako(template module) support plugin
#. Adding batch filenames rename plugin
#. Enable ftp window be openned left or bottom pane according to the openning
#. Adding Alt+R shortcut for open recently files
#. Merging new 1.20 version winpdb to ulipad

Bug fix:

#. Fix ctag support bug
#. Fix default style bug
#. Fix the wrong cursor jumping after undo operating
#. Fix xml lexer type bug
#. Fix copying bug when the text block has no indent
#. Fix openning multi-view bug from menu items
#. Fix the input focus losing bug when openning bottom pane or double-click on
directory browser entries
#. Fix user can open multi find dialogs bug
#. Fix register functionality in windows

UliPad has been ported to, so you can visit the new
project site at:, and also visit the new svn address. Recommends
using source version.

Source Code:
Win Execute Code:

If you have any suggestion or question, please subscribe the ulipad
mailling list:

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