itools 0.16.7 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at
Thu Aug 23 10:26:22 CEST 2007

itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:

  itools.catalog        itools.i18n             itools.tmx
  itools.cms            itools.ical             itools.uri
  itools.csv            itools.odf              itools.vfs
  itools.datatypes      itools.pdf              itools.web
  itools.gettext             itools.workflow
  itools.handlers       itools.rss              itools.xhtml
  itools.html           itools.schemas          itools.xliff
  itools.http           itools.stl              itools.xml

This release most important change is the new mechanism to send emails
in the CMS.  Now the message spool is persistent, messages are written
to disk before being sent, this way the system is robust to crash.
There is also a simple log to know the emails that have been sent.

There is also a bunch of user interface improvements and bug fixes in
the CMS, including the Tracker and the Wiki.


 - Hervé Cauwelier fixed bugs and refactored code;
 - J. David Ibáñez implemented the new mail spool;
 - Henry Obein worked on itools.cms;
 - Sylvain Taverne worked on itools.cms;




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