GOZERBOT 0.7.1 released

bthate bthate at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 22:00:54 CEST 2007

GOZERBOT 0.7.1 released

- This release fixes the following bugs:

    * the udp encryption was fixed

    * a newline injection bug in the RSS plugin was discovered at CCC
camp and fixed.          credits for finding this bug go to Astro-

- version 0.7.1 can be downloaded at http://gozerbot.org. for
upgrading see doc/UPGRADE.

- debian users can find 0.7.1 in unstable

- about gozerbot (from http://wiki.gozerbot.org):

Gozerbot is an Jabber|IRC bot, written in the Python programming
language. Gozerbot runs on Unix/Unix like operating systems. It
requires a Shell and a Python interpreter version 2.4 or higher

    *  user management by userhost
    * fleet, combine multiple bots
    * relaying between fleet bots
    * various list types
    * chain commands
    * builtin webserver
    * collective, connect bots through their webserver
    * easily extendible through plugins
    * DCC support
    * RSS support
    * database support
    * jabbersupport
    * karma, quotes, items, todo and shoppinglists
    * easy update of development versions (hg,svn) to the latest code
with just one irc command
    * other stuff

the gozerbot developement team.

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