ANN: PyPE 2.8.6

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Sun Aug 26 18:25:35 CEST 2007

=== What is PyPE? ===
PyPE (Python Programmers' Editor) was written in order to offer a
lightweight but powerful editor for those who think emacs is too much
and idle is too little. Syntax highlighting is included out of the box,
as is multiple open documents via tabs.

Beyond the basic functionality, PyPE offers an expandable source tree,
filesystem browser, draggable document list, todo list, filterable
function list, find and replace bars (no dialog to find or replace simple
strings), recordable and programmable macros, spell checker,
reconfigurable menu hotkeys, triggers, find in files, external process
shells, and much more.

=== More Information ===

If you would like more information about PyPE, including screenshots,
where to download the source or windows binaries, bug tracker, contact
information, or a somewhat complete listing of PyPE's features, visit
PyPE's home on the web:

If you have any questions about PyPE, please contact me, Josiah Carlson,
aka the author of PyPE, at jcarlson at (remember to include
"PyPE" in the subject).

PyPE 2.8.6 includes the following changes and bugfixes since release

(fixed) a bug with "Wrap Try/Except" as per emailed bug report from Ian York.
(added) ability to choose what port PyPE will listen on via --port= .
(fixed) workspaces in wxPython 2.8+, patch thanks to Craig Mahaney.
(added) explicit exclude dirs for find in files, patch thanks to Craig Mahaney.
(added) paste and down mechanism to paste and move the cursor down, patch
thanks to Craig Mahaney.
(added) delete right mechanism to delete everything from the cursor to the end
of the line, patch thanks to Craig Mahaney.
(added) delete line mechanism to delete the current line, patch thanks to
Craig Mahaney.
(added) paste rectangle command for rectangular pasting, patch thanks to Craig
(fixed) support for alternate background colors thanks to bug report from
Craig Mahaney.
(added) macro support to Craig Mahaney's added functionality.
(added) implementation for regular expression replacements, possibly to be
integrated as part of a 'replace in all open documents' in the future.
(added) automatic spellcheck for text and tex documents of up to 200,000 byes
in size.  Will only spellcheck if the user has enabled "check syntax" in the
"Realtime Options".
(fixed) issue when trying to save language settings when cursor position is
not to be saved.
(added) support for \chapter section delimiter in *tex files.
(fixed) issue that prevented the highest level source listing from being
sorted in the Name and Line sorted source trees.
(changed) rather than reading and executing a file for configuration loading,
we now use a variant of the 'unrepr()' mechanism with support for True/False.
(changed) find/replace bar now uses variant of 'unrepr()' rather than the
compiler module directly.
(changed) moved to plugins and stopped using import * to get its

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