ANN: UliPad 3.8 released!

limodou limodou at
Thu Dec 6 16:08:28 CET 2007

UliPad is a flexible editor, based on wxPython. It's has many features,just
like:class browser, code auto-complete, html viewer, directory browser, wizard,
etc. The main feature is the usage of mixin. This makes UliPad can be
extended easily. So you can write your own mixin or plugin, or simple script,
these can be easy and seamless integrated with UliPad.

What's new in 3.8

New Features and Changes:

#. Add mako template syntax highlight support
#. Add new option in preference, [Python]->Automatically save modified file
   when running python program, if it's checked, it'll automatically save
   the modified file.
#. Add Shift+Delete => Cut, Shift+Insert => Paste
#. Upgrade winpdb to lastest version
#. Now you can set pythonpath option in config.ini/[default],
   and ulipad will insert it into the sys.path. pythonpath can
   be a string or a string list of directory.
#. Svn support, you should install pysvn first, and also support proxy.
#. Change long line indicator default is true.
#. Add doctest support, you can run the doctest of current document in UliPad
#. Add time stamp info in debug and error file
#. Replace the shell window popup menu, and add Copy Without Prompts
   and Paste and Run menu items. And if the result cann't be convert to
   unicode, then display the result as repr().
#. Script Manager can find menu name from the script content, you
   can define it as a comment line, format is: #\s*name:(.*)$
#. Add Run in Shell menu item in Editor context menu
#. Add script and shell key binding. Change Shell to External Tool
#. Change Find in Files dialog to panel
#. Using meide module to create Preference dialog
#. Add an option to control if show the docstring in class browser window.
#. Don't create a tmp file again, directly save the file
#. Improve Find in Files process with thread
#. Add some config.ini options support in Preference Dialog
#. Refactor Find & Replace with pane, but not dialog
#. Made Open Command Here work in Linux
#. Add dropfile plugin. thanks Tyberius Prime. Now you can drop files on
   toolbar, then UliPad will open it. Just like drop files on Directory
   Browser window.
#. Add new custom lexer class and refactor related lexer process
#. Upgrade to lastest version, thanks to swordsp
#. Improve default identifiers process, add type judgement
#. Add pylint plugin

Bug fix:

#. Fix print bug, add print line number functionality
#. Fix snippet template indent bug(when using tab mode, the '\t'
   in template will be replaced with spaces). And you can press
   Alt+Q to cancel current snippet.
#. Fix press Ctrl+B jump position is not correct bug.
#. Fix that when you change the file type, the icon in directory
   and dynamic menu don't change bug
#. Fix line number margin width, and find back End-of-line Marker menu
#. Fix adding empty directory error
#. Fix open un-exists file will popup two message dialog bug
#. Fix line end mix checking bug also including twice prompt dialog bug
#. Fix webbrowser bug. Thanks Tom Eubank
#. Fix message console postion bug, thanks for swordsp

UliPad has been ported to, so you can visit the new
project site at:, and also visit the
new svn address. Recommends using source version.

Source Code:
Win Execute Code:

If you have any suggestion or question, please subscribe the ulipad
mailling list:

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