ANN: Chandler 0.7.3

Heikki Toivonen heikki at
Fri Dec 7 08:21:24 CET 2007

The Chandler Project is pleased to announce the 0.7.3 release of
Chandler Desktop!

Chandler Desktop is an open source, standards-based personal information
manager (PIM) built around small group collaboration and a core set of
information management workflows modeled on Inbox usage patterns and
David Allen's GTD methodology.

Download link, information on mailing lists, and how to get the sources
available from the homepage:

The 0.7.3 release is the third in a series of quick, time-based releases
since Chandler Preview 0.7.0 intended to respond to the feedback we
received from 0.7.0 and continue to receive from these quick releases.

0.7.3 fixes over 50 bugs and includes some major improvements:

* *Month View*:Yes! Month View! This has been pretty much at the very
top of everyone's wish list so we decided to bite the bullet and just
did it. Month View can be reached by simply clicking the month name in
the top area of the calendar. Switch back to week view simply clicking
on the week number on the left side. This fixes bugs:
     * Bug #5361: 30-day view? Variable multi-day view.

* *Bundled Localizations*: Chandler now comes bundled with localizations
in *French*, *Swedish* and *Finnish*. If you'd like to join the
localization effort in your own native language, we are looking for
volunteers. This is a great way to get familiarized with Chandler ideas
and its community. We fixed the following bugs along the way:
     * Bug #11197 Normalize dialog title capitalization
     * Bug #11199 Bogus message in MasterPassword
     * Bug #11201 Incorrect strings in GetPasswordDialog
     * Bug #11260 Export dialog text says 'Exported' not Dumped
     * Bug #11333 Reword Unpublish Confirmation dialog
     * Bug #11405 Need different strings for no encryption and no alarm
(currently 'None')
     * Bug #11419 Fixed running with localed using ',' instead of '.'
for decimal point (was : invalid literal for float() error when
reloading a .chex)
     * Bug #11470 File > Sync manager... has mnemonic
     * Bug #11490 Reminders dialog missing mnemonics, default button

* *Share Management*: There's a new feature under the File menu called
*Sync Manager*. This allows users to view and choose which of the
published collections on their Chandler Server need to be synced with
the Chandler Desktop. Additionally, this dialog shows up automatically
in some situation (like restoring settings). This helps the user to
avoid "forgetting" collections on the server.
     * Bug #10971 Auto-restore published shares
     * Bug #11334 Sync Menu items

* *Support and build for Mac OS X Leopard, Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and Use
System Libraries*: Modern OSes are now catching up with Chandler's use
of cutting edge releases of Python. So the good news is that, for those
systems, we don't have to bundle all these, resulting in much smaller
downloads. We now provide special downloads for those Systems.
     * Bug #11088 Use system python on Mac (Leopard), Ubuntu Feisty and

* *Automate Upgrade Process*: User now have the option to let Chandler
export a .chex on quit. This is convenient for new users (small data
base) with fast machines. For old timers with thousands of items,
there's an option to bypass this (don't forget to export though _before_
upgrading to a new version of Chandler):
     * Bug #11139 Automate upgrade process

For a more complete list of bug fixes and known issues, please visit our
Release Notes at:

Thanks for your interest in Chandler Desktop!

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