ANN: Python-MinGW 2.5.1v2

Don Bennett dpb at
Sat Dec 15 01:19:50 CET 2007

Python-MinGW 2.5.1v2 now available

Python-MinGW 2.5.1v2 is now available. It is available for download
at .

Target Audience

Windows developers who want to compile Python with the MinGW
Linux developers who want a convenient way to download and build a
Python environment
with lots of add-on modules;

What is Python-MinGW?

Python-MinGW is a set of patches to the python source distribution
that can be used to build a Win32 version of python using 'configure'
and 'make'. It requires Cygwin to provide a unix-like build
environment and the MinGW compiler toolchain for generation of win32

The companion Makefiles package will download and compile the zlib,
bzip2, openssl, gdbm, and sqlite libraries. The package can also
download and build a number of other python modules after the python
build is complete. In addition to driving the win32 build, it is
useful for downloading, building, and installing the add-on pieces
when building on Linux.

For More Information
Visit the web site at .

Don Bennett

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