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Stephan Deibel (PSF) sdeibel at
Mon Dec 17 02:06:23 CET 2007


Please consider donating to the Python Software Foundation (PSF)
this year in your year-end charitable giving.

The PSF is the non-profit that holds and protects the intellectual
property rights behind Python, keeping it free and open for all
to use.

We also provide the financial backing that makes PyCon possible,
donate to other Python conferences around the world, and fund
grants and special projects in the Python community.

For general information about the PSF, please see our pages on
the Python website:

Donations from individuals are tax deductible in the US and may
be tax deductible in other countries, or as a business expense.

We take credit cards, checks, wire transfers, and PayPal:

Businesses invested in Python can also consider becoming a
sponsor member of the PSF:

Or become a sponsor of PyCon 2008, a great way to gain exposure
for your business or find talented Python programmers to hire:

If you have any questions, please email me directly.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!


Stephan Deibel
Chairman of the Board
Python Software Foundation

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