Gluon 1.15 is out

Massimo Di Pierro mdipierro at
Fri Dec 28 11:33:47 CET 2007

Hello everybody,

Gluon 1.15 is out. This is a free open source framework for agile  
development of secure database driven web applications, written in  
Python, programmable in Python. Stable API and supported since  
October 1st 2007. (video tutorial) (free plugin apps for gluon with

Some features:

no installation (it is a single executable), no configuration files,  
no shell commands, all development, deployment and maintenance is  
done via a web interface

built-in ticketing system; if your app has a bug it is logged, the  
user is notified and ticket is issued so that the administrator can  
retrieve the event via the administrative interface.

Example of a COMPLETE working gluon app:

---------- model: ------------
---------- controller: ---------
def index():
    if form.accepts(request.vars,session): response.flash='image
    return dict(form=form)

what does it do?
it creates the database, creates the table (if it does not exists) or  
alters the table (if description does not match), creates a web page  
called index with an upload form for the image.
When the visitor clicks submit, the file is uploaded, renamed in a  
safe way, stored in a file serverside, the name is stored in the  
database, and the user is a notified. It also creates a session and  
handles it via a cookie. It also writes a web based administrative  
interface for the newly created database.


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