ANN: Paste 1.2

Ian Bicking ianb at
Thu Feb 1 05:04:22 CET 2007

Paste 1.2

I'm happy to release Paste 1.2.  This release contains a mix of small 
features and bug fixes.  This is only a release of core Paste (not Paste 
Script or Deploy), which contains the WSGI tools.

What Is Paste?

Install: easy_install -U Paste

Paste is a set of WSGI components, each of which can be used in
isolation.  But mixing them together leads to powerful chemical 
reactions which can be harnessed for good.

These components let you do things like create applications that proxy
to other websites, mount multiple applications under different
prefixes, catch exceptions and interactively inspect the environment,
and much more.

Paste Deploy is a configuration system for these components.  Paste
Script is a jack of all trades that builds new project file layouts,
runs WSGI server stacks, and does application deployment.

Interesting News

See for details

* Backward incompatible change in paste.fileapp.FileApp to make it 
support GET and HEAD properly.  If you subclassed FileApp or DataApp you 
may need to change your code.

* Parsing of Accept and Accept-Language

* paste.wsgiwrappers.WSGIRequest can optionally decode unicode values in 
form submissions.

* paste.httpserver supports all request methods (e.g., MKCOL), no longer 
blocks if you read past the end of wsgi.input, and includes code to 
control the thread pool and kill threads that are wedged.

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