ANN: EasyDialogs for Windows version 46691.0

Jimmy Retzlaff jimmy at
Thu Feb 15 11:28:38 CET 2007

EasyDialogs for Windows is available at:

EasyDialogs for Windows is a ctypes based emulation of the EasyDialogs
module included in the Python distribution for Mac. It attempts to be as
compatible as possible. Code using the Mac EasyDialogs module can often
be run unchanged on Windows using this module. The module has been
tested on Python 2.3 running on Windows NT, 98, XP, and 2003.

EasyDialogs is written in pure Python using Thomas Heller's ctypes
module to call Windows APIs directly. No Python GUI toolkit is used.
This means that relatively small distributions can be made with py2exe
(or its equivalents). A simple test of all the dialogs in EasyDialogs
bundled up using py2exe results in a distribution that is about 1.25MB.
Using py2exe in concert with NSIS as shown here allows the same test to
run as a single file executable that is just under 500KB.

Requires: Microsoft Windows, Python 2.3 or higher, and ctypes 0.6.3 or
higher (ctypes is included with Python 2.5 and higher, so it is not a
separate requirement there).

License: MIT

Change history:

Version 46691.0
- Fixed a bug that caused warnings with newer version of ctypes
(including the version included in Python 2.5)
- The edit box in AskString now scrolls horizontally if the entered text
does not otherwise fit
- AskFileForOpen(multiple=True) will allow multiple files to be selected
and a list of strings will be returned. If multiple is False (the
default if not specified) then only a single file can be selected and a
string is returned. This no longer seems to work on the Mac, but it's
useful enough to add it to the Windows version anyway. This change is
based on a patch contributed by Waldemar Osuch.
- Made minor changes to bring inline with SVN revision 46691 for Mac

Version 1.16.0
- Removed resource DLL, resources are now in a Python source file which
simplifies distribution of apps with py2exe
- Spelling corrections
- File open/save dialogs did not display on Windows 98
- AskString edit boxes were too short on Windows 98
- Improved display of drop down lists on Windows 98 and NT
- Made minor changes to bring inline with CVS version 1.16 for Mac

Version 1.14.0
- Initial public release


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