ANN: The Technology Behind PyCon - 1 ShowMeDo Video, the first in a new series

Ian Ozsvald ian at
Thu Feb 15 22:59:57 CET 2007

Doug Napoleone introduces the technology behind PyCon-Tech in
this introductory video, the first in a larger series.  This series
will cover Zope, Django, PHP and other tools.

PyCon-Tech Introduction
"PyCon-Tech is an initiative started by A. M. Kuchling to create an 
integrated set of tools for running the PyCon conference.
In this introduction we give an overview of the PyCon web site public 
interfaces (wiki, talk archive, schedule) and the technologies used to 
implement them (pmwiki, zope, django). The technologies are fully 
integrated into a (mostly) seamless site."

About Doug Napoleone:
This is Doug's first ShowMeDo series.  He will guide you through
the technology used behind-the-scenes at PyCon.  Remember to say Thanks
and leave feedback if you like Doug's work.

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