ANNOUNCE: Elisa 0.1.4

Philippe Normand philippe at
Fri Feb 16 16:43:17 CET 2007

The Elisa team is proud to announce 0.1.4 release of the core of the
Elisa home multimedia system.

Elisa is a project to create an open source cross platform media center
solution. While our primary development and deployment platform is
GNU/Linux and
Unix operating systems we also currently support Microsoft Windows and
also hope
to support MacOSX in the future. Elisa runs on top of the GStreamer
framework and is developped in Python.

We fixed many issues, bugs and added some features since the last

- the media database system has been improved, one step further
  towards big media collections support
- pictures/movies thumbnails are now compatible with Freedesktop
- the skin has been slightly improved in many places (new pictos,
  better animations, picture-folders icon compositing)
- Pigment labels now display much better and are now scalable
- The SDL Pigment backend has been replaced by a XWindow/GLX backend
- Pigment now handle screens with non-square aspect ratio resolutions

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