The Python Papers Volue 2 Issue 1 now available tleeuwenburg at
Thu Feb 22 01:40:56 CET 2007

G'day Pythonistas! Welcome to Issue Two of The Python Papers. It has
been an exciting time and we are pleased to have reached this
milestone. I'd like to say a big hello to all the people who have
provided their input in making this a reality: the python-advocacy
list, comp.lang.python, the Python User Groups that responded to the
call to participate and also many individuals. This is also the first
issue where we have attempted to publish both a PDF and an HTML

The latest version, and most recent blog posts are available at If you would like to show up on our tracking
statistics, please use this path. Direct links also available:

PDF available at :
HTML  available at :

Please note the new volume number commences with the calendar year, so
the volume number has increased while the issue number is the same as
the last issue.

The choice of format was clearly an issue for many people on both
sides. Going forward, we will continue to use PDF as our primary
'authorative' version for the purposes of page numbering and
referencing, however the HTML edition will be made public in a day or
two after further editing to cope with conversion effects.

Table of Contents: Editorial | Page 1
Python 411 Interview | Page 2
Coding Idioms pt 2 -- Design Patterns | Page 5
Python User Group Highlights | Page 7
Firebird Database Backup by
Serialized Database Table Dump | Page 10
Python Events | P15
Cheers, -Tennessee Leeuwenburg (Editor-In-Chief)
Posted by Tennessee Leeuwenburg on 2007/02/09

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