taylayout 00.00.10

daftspaniel at gmail.com daftspaniel at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 21:29:33 CET 2007

taylayout 00.00.10


Layout and Controls helpers for rapid and dynamic IronPython WinForms
TayLayout is a more sophisticated version of the flow layout - you can
add controls to a panel or form and it takes care of positioning them.
Controls are added in a Left to Right order until you specify that a
new line is required.

TayLayout also has a set of convenience functions to quickly build up a
functional interface. Controls can be added and configured in the
layout with a single line of code. Once the layout is complete the form
is sized to match the number of controls. TayLayout therefore suits
dynamic applications or for rapid prototyping.

This is an early release for developer feedback. 2 sample applications
are supplied.


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