ANNOUNCE: Spiff Guard (Generic Access Lists for Python)

Samuel Abels newsgroups at
Mon Jan 8 00:19:21 CET 2007

Spiff Guard is a library for implementing access lists in Python. It 
provides a clean and simple API and was implemented with performance 
and security in mind. It was originally inspired by phpGACL 
(, but features an API that is 
significantly cleaner and easier to use. 

Spiff Guard is the first library published as part of the Spiff 
platform. The Spiff platform aims to produce a number of generic 
libraries generally needed in enterprise (web) applications. 

Spiff Guard is free software and distributed under the GNU GPLv2. 

sqlalchemy ( 

Please check out the code from SVN: 

svn checkout 

Spiff project page: 
Mailing list: 
Bug tracker: 
Browse the source: 

Any questions, please ask (or file a bug). 

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