Front Range Pythoneers Meeting: Wed, Jan 17, in Boulder, Colorado

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Mon Jan 15 06:03:19 CET 2007

== Meeting: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 ==

 * Time: 6-8 PM

 * Location: Churchill Navigation, in their spiffy new office at 100
Arapahoe Ave, Suite 10, all the way at the end, in Boulder, Colorado.
There is abundant parking.

 * Tom Churchill and Vinny Fiano will demo Churchill Navigation's
earth-rendering engine (which looks like Google Earth, only apparently
even better and faster ;) ). Vinny (their main Python guy) will explain
how they built the glue logic (and why they decided against SWIG) and
perhaps some of the implications of using Python as a scripting
language in a real-time (60 fps) environment, and the techniques we
employed to keep the graphics pipeline from stalling when making an
expensive call into their engine from Python.

 * Brian Granger from Tech-X will help us think more deeply about
concurrent Python programming, especially as seen in a new version of

 * BoulderSprint. We had a great sprint on Jython, focusing on design.
Momentum is really building, Jython might actually get the love that
Charles Oliver Nutter of JRuby proposed. More interestingly, there's a
chance for people in the dynamic language community to work together on
JVM implementations. We will talk about the next sprint to be held on
Saturday, February 3.

We will have food & drink available. Hope to see you there!

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