[ANN] Aspen 0.7 -- WSGI + filesystem = sweet webserver

Chad Whitacre chad at zetaweb.com
Mon Jan 15 23:39:30 CET 2007

Greetings, program!

I've just released Aspen 0.7. Aspen is a Python webserver, and 
this is the first version to be used in production. As such, I'm 
announcing it generally as well as to the Web-SIG.

This release is about making Aspen easy to configure, and making 
that configuration easy to get to from your WSGI modules. I'm 
pleased with the result, and would love to hear your feedback.

Also, allow me to thank the following for being Aspen's first 

   * Giorgi Lekishvili, for initial optimization work
   * Maciek Starzyk, for keeping us honest on Windows
   * Vasilis Dimos, for providing benchmarks
   * alefnula, for feedback on supporting Range requests

Downloads, docs, and links are here:



Chad Whitacre


http://www.zetadev.com/  <- FOSS
http://tech.whit537.org/ <- blog

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