Shed Skin Optimizing Python-to-C++ Compiler 0.0.10

Mark Dufour mark.dufour at
Thu Jan 18 13:57:37 CET 2007

Hi all,

I have just released version 0.0.18 of Shed Skin, an optimizing
Python-to-C++ compiler. It allows for translation of pure
(unmodified), implicitly statically typed Python programs into
optimized C++, and hence, highly optimized machine language. Many
non-trivial benchmarks (ray tracer, chess player, othello player, sat
solver, 3 sudoku solvers..) run typically 2-40 times faster than when
using Psyco, 12 times on average, and 2-220 times than when using
CPython, 45 times on average. It is not yet possible to use arbitrary
library modules (many common imports are supported though), or to
automatically create extension modules, but this will be the focus of
development over the coming time, along with support for iterators.

Besides many bug fixes and optimizations, this release should work
fine on OSX and 64-bit systems.

More information about Shed Skin can be found at the homepage:

To show how far Shed Skin is at the moment, I added a collection of 25
programs (at a total of more than 6,000 lines!) that compile and run
fine to the homepage. Most (implicitly statically typed) programs
still need to be modified a bit to compile, and much larger programs
than these will probably not work yet..

Mark Dufour.
"One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code"
- Ken Thompson

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