ANN: Phebe 0.1.1

Thomas Lotze thomas at
Fri Jan 19 22:52:35 CET 2007

Phebe 0.1.1 has been released and uploaded to the Python package index as
a source and binary distribution and as an egg.

The most important changes since version 0.1 are:

  - phoneusage: new -s/--sms option to list number of short messages per

  - dumpmessages: filter messages by index and conversations by name

  - deletemessages: print number of messages when asking to show conversations

  - all scripts: -p/--prefix option to provide default national prefix
                 (also added a "Local" section with key "prefix" to rc files)

Bug fixes:
  - contact names are now resolved regardless of national vs. international
    phone numbers thanks to newly-introduced prefix option

  - using setuptools now to distribute Phebe as a Python egg

>From README.txt:


Phebe comprises a Python package and a number of executable scripts to
operate a mobile phone connected to your computer.

The implementation follows the Sony-Ericsson developer guidelines for using AT
commands as of December 7, 2006, see
<>. It has been
tested only on a SE K750i, using Debian and Gentoo Linux distributions with a
2.6 kernel so far.

The current status of Phebe is "works for me", i.e. it provides the
functionality the author immediately needs: get usage stats of the phone,
back-up the phonebook, dump and delete short messages. See ROADMAP.txt and
TODO.txt for prospective further developments.

While neither talking through the AT command interface nor the higher-level
data structures implemented by Phebe are operating system specific,
communication with the device is. Phebe currently does this by using a Python
module only available on Unix. The author is not going to port Phebe to
non-Unix systems any time soon, so if you want it to support your OS, you have
to supply an appropriate patch.

Phebe is written by Thomas Lotze. Please contact the author at
<thomas at> to provide feedback or suggestions on or
contributions to Phebe.


Phebe requires Python 2.5.

The Phebe code base is maintained in a subversion repository at

There is a ViewCVS view on the repository available at

There is a web page summarizing the project at

Viele Grüße,

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