ANN: gozerbot IRC and JABBER bot

bthate bthate at
Mon Jan 29 21:12:11 CET 2007


a python irc and jabber bot


you need:

    * a shell
    * python 2.4 or higher
    * if you want mysql support: the py-MySQLdb module
    * if you want jabber support: the xmpppy module

why gozerbot?

    * user management by userhost
    * fleet .. use more than one bot in a program
    * relaying between fleet bots
    * use the bot through dcc chat
    * fetch rss feeds.
    * keep todo and shop lists
    * karma
    * quote
    * remember items
    * program your own plugins
    * builtin webserver
    * collective, run commands on other bots using their webserver
    * other stuff

we are on channel #dunkbots on IRCnet .. try

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