ANN: A STOMP messaging broker in pure Python (GPLv3)

tundish googlegroups at
Wed Jul 4 22:17:31 CEST 2007

This is the first announcement of a release of Sprinkle, a messaging
broker written in Python.

Sprinkle implements the STOMP protocol

Sprinkle is very simple and lightweight. I believe it is fully
functional, but I need help testing it so I can make it suitable for
an enterprise environment. In this early phase, you can get Sprinkle
as a development snapshot: sprinkle-2007-07-01.

Asynchronous messaging is receiving renewed interest from developers.
Let's give Python a simple, effective, and trusted messaging solution.

The code is distributed under version 3 of the GPL, and runs on Unix-
like platforms. Python 2.3.4 or later is required.

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