itools 0.16.1 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at
Thu Jul 5 11:26:10 CEST 2007

itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:

   itools.catalog        itools.i18n             itools.tmx
   itools.cms            itools.ical             itools.uri
   itools.csv            itools.odf              itools.vfs
   itools.datatypes      itools.pdf              itools.web
   itools.gettext             itools.workflow
   itools.handlers       itools.rss              itools.xhtml
   itools.html           itools.schemas          itools.xliff
   itools.http           itools.stl              itools.xml

This is (mostly) a bug fix release:

  - The command line tool "rsync" is not required anymore.

  - Indexing of XML documents (like web pages) works again.

  - Now itools.web supports X_FORWARDED_PROTO, what makes possible to
    deploy web applications behind Apache (or another web server) using
    the HTTPS protocol.

  - Now itools.xml is able to serialize documents with CDATA sections.

  - In itools.stl the repeat variables "repeat/x/index", "repeat/x/start"
    and "repeat/x/end" work again.

  - The method "set_handler" works now when the container is a virtual

But most changes are in the itools.cms package:

  - The Quick Start is updated now, the "icms-make-package -t quickstart"
    command works again.

  - The new method "get_object" has been added to the itools.cms API.

  - An important bug has been fixed in the itools.cms database, where
    the incorrect usage of "mkstemp" made sometimes a transaction to
    fail because all files descriptors were used.

  - Now we correctly unindex the content of a folder when it is removed.

  - There are various fixes and improvements to the Calendar and Wiki

  - The script "icms-update" has been improved in different ways.  Most
    important, now it is possible to upgrade an itools.cms instance
    directly from 0.14 to 0.16 (no need to go through 0.15).


  - Hervé Cauwelier updated the Quick Start and fixed bugs;
  - Nicolas Deram worked on the Calendar object;
  - J. David Ibáñez fixed bugs;
  - Henry Obein fixed bugs;
  - Sylvain Taverne fixed bugs;




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