ANN: SciPy Conference Early Registration Reminder

Travis Vaught travis at
Fri Jul 6 14:09:41 CEST 2007


The *SciPy 2007 Conference on Scientific Computing with Python* early  
registration deadline is July 15, 2007.  After this date, the price  
for registration will increase from $150 to $200.

More information on the Conference is here: 
The registration page is here:

The Conference is to be held on August 16-17.  Tutorial Sessions are  
being offered on August 14-15 ( 
Tutorials).  The price to attend Tutorials is $75.  The Saturday  
following the Conference will hold a Sprint session for those  
interested in pitching in on particular development efforts.   
(suggestions welcome:

Today is the deadline for abstract submissions for those wanting to  
present at the conference.  Please email to abstracts at by  
midnight US Central Time.  From the conference web page:

"If you are using Python in Scientific Computing, we'd love to hear  
from you. If you are interested in presenting at the conference, you  
may submit an abstract in Plain Text, PDF or MS Word formats to  
abstracts at -- the deadline for abstract submission is July  
6, 2007. Papers and/or presentation slides are acceptable and are due  
by August 3, 2007. Presentations will be allowed 30-35 minutes,  
depending on the final schedule."

We're looking forward to another great gathering.



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