bbfreeze 0.95.1

Ralf Schmitt schmir at
Wed Jul 11 11:22:37 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I've just uploaded bbfreeze 0.95.1 to python's cheeseshop.
bbfreeze creates standalone executables from python scripts. It's similar
in functionality to py2exe or cx_Freeze.

This release fixes some problems with egg files and with some of the

*NEW* support for egg files: bbfreeze scans zipped egg files and now
  includes whole egg files/directories in the distribution. Programs
  using setuptools' pkg_resources module will now work.

It offers the following features:

easy installation
  bbfreeze can be installed with setuptools' easy_install command.

zip/egg file import tracking
  bbfreeze tracks imports from zip files.

multiple script freezing
  bbfreeze can freeze multiple scripts at once.

python interpreter included
   bbfreeze will create an extra executable named 'py', which might be
  used like the python executable itself.

bbfreeze works on windows and UNIX-like operating systems. It
currently does not work on OS X. bbfreeze has been tested with python
2.4 and 2.5. bbfreeze will not work with python versions prior to 2.3
as it uses the zipimport feature introduced with python 2.3.


cheese shop entry:


mercurial repository:

- Ralf
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