ANN: "5 Minutes with Python" (3 ShowMeDos)

Ian Ozsvald ian at
Mon Jul 16 23:15:22 CEST 2007

Jeff Rush and Ian Ozsvald introduce a new series which will show 
some of the possibilities offered by Python using 5 minute videos:

We'd like others to help us extend this Advocacy series, do
get in contact if you are interested in helping.

Jeff begins with two videos:
"Python and the Interactive Shell 'IPython'"
"A Demonstration of ReStructuredText"
and Ian one:
"First 5 Minutes with Python"
which are aimed at those who want to see what Python is capable of.

Further detail in these blog posts:

Free videos (we call them ShowMeDos) showing you how to do things.
The videos are made by us and our users, for everyone.  

122 Python videos:

We'd love to have more contributions - would you share what you know?
Sharing is easy, full instructions are here:

The founders,
Ian Ozsvald, Kyran Dale 

-- (our pictures)
Ian at

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