ANN: yolk 0.3.0

Rob Cakebread gentoodev at
Tue Jul 17 08:20:32 CEST 2007


July 16, 2007 - 0.3.0 Release


Added -L and -C options for Cheese Shop's new XML-RPC methods
'changelog' and 'release_updates'
Added -F option to fetch source, egg or do a subversion checkout
Added 'svn' option for -T
Better package name list cache handling

What is yolk?

Yolk is a command-line tool for querying The Cheese Shop and your
installed Python packages.
Yolk is in the early stages of development but you may find it useful.

Some Features

 * Show which installed packages have newer versions available by querying PyPI
 * List Python packages installed by distutils, setuptools, or easy_install
 * Determine which packages are activated or not (--multi-version)
 * Determine which packages are deployed in development mode
 * Examine package metadata
 * Show dependencies of packages installed by setuptools, if available
 * Query PyPI for various package information using XML-RPC interface
 * Examine entry maps and entry points for setuptools deployed Python packages
 * Determine download URL or subversion checkout URL of a package
 * Easily download source, egg or do a subversion checkout by simply
giving the package name
 * Check latest releases on The Cheese Shop or detailed Cheese Shop ChangeLog
 * Determine which pkgs were installed by distutils/setuptools or your
package manager (Gentoo only so far)
 * And if none of that interests you, a little Red Leicester then, perhaps?


With Python<=2.3 yolk only lists installed packages if the
uses setuptools or if the package was installed via easy_install.
Users of Python>=2.5 get the whole enchillada.

Where can I get it?

'easy_install -U yolk'

yolk is available in Gentoo's portage system as 'dev-python/yolk'

yolk is Copyright 2007 Rob Cakebread, released under the terms of the GPL-2

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