ANN: amplee 0.5.1

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at
Fri Jul 20 14:38:01 CEST 2007


I am really pleased to announce version 0.5.1 of amplee, a Python
implementation of the Atom Publishing protocol as per draft-17 [1].

This version is a major release for amplee and will (unfortunately) break
existing applications using it due to some changes in its API, although
those modifications are minor and the design stays pretty much the same
allowing for an easier upgrade.

== What's new? ==

* Changed the member resource API to make it more robust and useful,
handling many common tasks for the application developer.

* Added support for a distinction of collection and public feed providing
a very simple mechanism to create and handle both types of feeds.

* Extended the collection API and fixed numerous bugs within.

* Added a tarfile storage that permits to store data in a tarball in a
transparent fashion (handy for multipart/form-data storage for instance).

* Added a memcache storage that can as a proxy  storage  to cache
resources in memcached server using either cmemcache or python-memcache.

* Made the storage API more robust and resilient to unicode vs byte string.

* Improved and enhanced the indexer module which can now also use
memcached to store indexes.

* Added a working (finally) example of amplee demonstrating its main
features [2].

* Made the unit tests more useful

* Added support for Etag in the HTTP handlers

* Added a contrib directory containing a schematron schema for Atom
related documents as well as a module that can browse or test
your AtomPub service and reports a set of details about it (simple but

* Support for entry points has been extended and allows to support any
number of collections via the loader module.

* Gazillions of bugs have been fixed and hopefully carefully tested to
perish as they deserved.

* Fixed memcached indexer defect.

* Documentation added.

== Download ==

* easy_install -U amplee
* Tarballs
* svn co

== Documentation ==

== TODO ==

* Support for collection paging
* Improve documentation

Have fun,
-- Sylvain Hellegouarch


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