ANN: parley 0.3

Jacob Lee artdent at
Sun Jul 22 09:54:07 CEST 2007

Release Announcement: PARLEY version 0.3

PARLEY is a library for writing Python programs that implement the Actor
model of distributed systems, in which lightweight concurrent processes
communicate through asynchronous message-passing. Actor systems typically
are easier to write and debug than traditional concurrent programs that
use locks and shared memory.

With version 0.3, PARLEY now supports the Greenlet execution model
( Greenlets are lightweight
threads, similar to the tasklets supported by Stackless Python; unlike
tasklets, they do not require a special version of Python. PARLEY also
supports tasklets and traditional native threads, and it provides the
ability to switch between these modes of execution without substantial
code changes.

Version 0.3 also includes various bug fixes, additional features, and
documentation improvements.

Code samples, documentation, and source code can be found at the PARLEY
home page:

PARLEY is licensed under the LGPL.

Jacob Lee
<artdent at>

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