Dex Tracker .019 released

edexter Eric_Dexter at
Sun Jul 22 17:01:38 CEST 2007

Dex Tracker beta .019 has been released...  Dex Tracker is a tracker
style front end for csound (and possibly other sound programs in the
future).  It features things like help files and loading of
csound .orc files as well as templates and a number of utilities.
Also included is csound routines a library to deal with various csound

release beta .019 has fixed a number of bugs and now allows the
loading or orc files into csd files.

Dex Tracker currently requires python 2.5 , pywin, csound, gvim (com
object) and .  wxpython (tested with 2.6)

The download is available at
and the homepage is at

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