Usergroups Forming: Arizona and Carolina US Regions

Jeff Rush jeff at
Tue Jul 24 07:30:35 CEST 2007

Two new Python usergroups are being organized!

= Arizona =

Michael March is starting a group for those in the Flagstaff/Phoenix/Tucson
region of Arizona.  The first meeting to get organized will be held on *Monday
July 30th* at 6:30pm.  Location is not yet set -- need input from potential

If you are interested, a mailing list and wiki page have been established:

And also a group, where you can sign up to receive automated
calendar reminders of group activities.

= North/South Carolina =

While there is an existing group TriZPUG for the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill
region, a new group is being formed for the *Charlotte and North-Central South
Carolina area*.  No meetings have yet been scheduled - to participate in
discussions join the Google Group:

= Other Groups =

There are 34 states with Python usergroups, leaving 16 without any Python
organizations at all -- and this is just in the United States.  We would like
to encourage the formation of more groups worldwide.  If you've been wishing
there were meetings near you, step forward and help initiate or revitalize
one.  There are experienced organizers waiting to mentor you on the mailing list:

Usergroups are a lot of fun, a source of employment opportunities and a great
way to enhance your programming and teaching skills.  The Python Software
Foundation and the experienced group organizers are ready to support you in
your efforts.

Jeff Rush
Python Advocacy Coordinator

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