ANN: PyMTP 0.0.1

nick nick at
Thu Jul 26 04:16:43 CEST 2007


After several days of work, I'm glad to announce the release of PyMTP 
0.0.1! PyMTP provides a Python API for access MTP devices, such as 
Creative MP3 players, some iRiver MP3 players, and so on.

Get it

PyMTP 0.1 is available at

Installing PyMTP

PyMTP requires for installation:

* Python 2.5 -or- ctypes manually installed
* Libmtp (PyMTP was developed around 0.1.5, but, some previous versions 
may work)

To install PyMTP, run python install as root.

Note: I haven't tested PyMTP on Win32, due to the lack of having a Win32 
machine available. Theoretically, it should work, providing that libusb, 
libmtp, ctypes, and Python is installed.


Please send any feedback about PyMTP, include bug reports, feature 
requests, and so on to me at nick at


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