itools 0.16.4 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at
Thu Jul 26 11:20:22 CEST 2007

itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:

   itools.catalog        itools.i18n             itools.tmx
   itools.cms            itools.ical             itools.uri
   itools.csv            itools.odf              itools.vfs
   itools.datatypes      itools.pdf              itools.web
   itools.gettext             itools.workflow
   itools.handlers       itools.rss              itools.xhtml
   itools.html           itools.schemas          itools.xliff
   itools.http           itools.stl              itools.xml

For the first time in a looong time we have tested itools on Windows.
Now itools installs and the unit tests pass.

As a side effect the "vfs.move" method (from "itools.vfs") now is
cross-platform (and faster).

There is a new, and simple, handler for Gzip files (in "itools.handlers").

The document type declaration (DOCTYPE) is correctly parsed now, by
both "itools.xml" and "itools.html".  And an small bug has been fixed
in the (X)HTML sanitizer.

The CMS ("itools.cms") has a couple of enhancements.  Now emails are
sent asynchronously; if sending an email fails, it will be tried again

The forum posts are now HTML instead of plain text.  The HTML editor
is used to edit the posts, and the HTML is sanitized to avoid security

There are also several fixes: in the tracker, the calendar, and when
cut&paste a document in the same folder.


  - Nicolas Deram worked on the tracker;
  - David Hughes helped testing itools on Windows;
  - J. David Ibáñez worked on itools.cms, itools.xml and the unit tests;
  - Sylvain Taverne worked on the forum and fixed several bugs;




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