SQLObject 0.7.8

Oleg Broytmann phd at phd.pp.ru
Thu Jul 26 16:23:05 CEST 2007


I'm pleased to announce the 0.7.8 release of SQLObject.

What is SQLObject

SQLObject is an object-relational mapper.  Your database tables are described
as classes, and rows are instances of those classes.  SQLObject is meant to be
easy to use and quick to get started with.

SQLObject supports a number of backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and
Firebird.  It also has newly added support for Sybase, MSSQL and MaxDB (also
known as SAPDB).

Where is SQLObject


Mailing list:



News and changes:

What's New

News since 0.7.7

Bug Fixes

* Replaced calls to style.dbColumnToPythonAttr() in joins.py by name/dbName
  lookup in case the user named columns differently using dbName.

* Minor correction in the tests: we fully support EnumCol in Postgres.

* MySQLConnection now recognizes Enum, Double and Time columns when drawing the
  database scheme from DB.

* Minor fix in FirebirdConnection.fromDatabase.

* Fixed a bug with default field values for columns for firebird connection.

* Prevent a deadlock in declarative.threadSafeMethod() by not reacquiring
  the class lock.

* Fixed a bug in col.createSQL().

* Fixed a bug in converting date/time for years < 1000 (time.strptime()
  requires exactly 4 digits for %Y, hence a year < 1000 must be 0-padded).

Other Changes

* Changed string quoting style for PostgreSQL and MySQL from \' to ''.

For a more complete list, please see the news:

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