Pydev 1.3.5 Released

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Wed Jun 20 19:07:40 CEST 2007

Hi All,

Pydev and Pydev Extensions 1.3.5 have been released

Details on Pydev Extensions:
Details on Pydev:
Details on its development:

Release Highlights in Pydev Extensions:

* Auto-Import:
      o Import is now set in correct line even with multi-line imports.
      o Added option to disable the introduction of auto-imports.
      o Added option to remove modules that start with '_' from the imports
(so, tokens would have to be found in files).
* Code Analysis: Having a list comprehension with a subscript was not being
treated correctly.
* Debugger: Working with jython.
* Debugger: Working with wxPython.

Release Highlights in Pydev:

* Eclipse 3.3 Integration: Does not keep eclipse from a correct shutdown
* Docstrings and code completion pop-up:
      o The docstrings are now wrapped to the size of the pop-up window.
      o The initial columns with whitespaces that are common for all the
docstring is now removed.
      o The previous size of the pop-up window in completions is now
* Extract method refactoring: was not adding 'if' statement correctly on a
specific case.
* Organize imports: (Ctrl+Shift+O): comments are not erased in import lines
when using it anymore.
* Interpreter Config: solved a concurrency issue (which could issue an
exception when configuring the interpreter).
* Jython integration: can now work with a j9 vm.
* Jython integration: those that don't use jython can now use eclipse
without JDT (but it's still required for jython development).
* Outline:
      o The comments are now set in the correct level (below module, class
or method).
      o Comments are sorted by their position even when alphabetic sorting
is in place.
      o Comments are added to the outline if they start or end with '---'.

What is PyDev?

PyDev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python and Jython
development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE -- It comes with many
goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis,
refactor, debug and many others.


Fabio Zadrozny
Software Developer

ESSS - Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software

Pydev Extensions

Pydev - Python Development Enviroment for Eclipse
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