Pydev 1.3.0 Released

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Mon Mar 12 18:27:31 CET 2007

Hi All,

Pydev and Pydev Extensions 1.3.0 have been released

Details on Pydev Extensions:
Details on Pydev:
Details on its development:

Release Highlights in Pydev Extensions:

* Find References: Ctrl+Shift+G can be used to find the references to the
selected token in the editor
* Fix: Code-analysis: Fixed false positive for statement with no effect

Release Highlights in Pydev:

* Code-completion: Deep analysis for discovering arguments in constructs
'from imports' now can be configured given the number of chars of the
* Refactoring for override methods: changed so that it uses the pydev
code-completion engine for getting the hierarchy and methods
* Fix: Python Nature Restore: begin rule does not match outer scope rule
* Fix: Package Explorer: if show-in is in a deep structure, it will show it
is the 1st try and not only in the 2nd
* Fix: Package Explorer: some intercepts removed elements incorrectly, and
ended up messing the navigator and search (which has 'null' elements because
of that)

What is PyDev?

PyDev is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python and Jython
development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE -- It comes with many
goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis,
refactor, debug and many others.


Fabio Zadrozny
Software Developer

ESSS - Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software

Pydev Extensions

Pydev - Python Development Enviroment for Eclipse
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